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SousVide Supreme coupons are listed below. SousVideSupreme.com is the latest revolution in the kitchen and cooking industry, introducing a vacuum sealed culinary technique, where food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a consistent temperature. This unique method of cooking at a low temperature was first introduced in the Michelin 3 star restaurant Troilsgros in Roanne, France in 1970's and today, Sous Vide cooking has sparkled a new wave of innovation and creativity among all the major and renowned chefs at major restaurants around the world. Foods cooked Sous Vide take on tastes and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other method, not braising, not roasting, not poaching. Order your Sous Vide today at special discounted price, only on SousVideSupreme.com.

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More About SousVide Supreme

The SousVide Supreme is the world's first water oven, designed specifically to bring the gourmet Sous Vide cooking method into home kitchens. Inspired by the sous-vide water bath cooking technique used for decades by the world's top chefs and finest restaurants, Eades Appliance Technology LLC developed the first precision controlled water oven designed for the home kitchen. Sous vide cooking involves vacuum sealing food in airtight pouches, then submerging the bags in a water bath at precisely controlled temperatures, often much lower than those used in traditional ovens, but for a longer time. The result is perfectly cooked foods with enhanced flavors and nutritional benefits. The SousVide Supreme is a sleek all in one solution. Simply set the temperature, and let the SousVide Supreme do the rest.

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